The role of geomembrane in aquaculture

2019-08-10 Source: Dezhou Wings Writer: Dezhou Wings

In the modern aquaculture industry, whether it is fish pond, scutellaria, loach breeding, shrimp culture, etc., in the construction period of the site, the new geotechnical anti-seepage material--a geomembrane is widely u...

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Acceptance requirements for plastic woven geotextiles

2019-08-17 Source: Dezhou Wings Writer: Dezhou Wings

Plastic woven geotextile appearance quality requirements:

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The role of composite geomembrane

2019-08-12 Source: Dezhou Wings Writer: Dezhou Wings

Composite geomembrane (composite anti-seepage film) is divided into one cloth and one film, two cloth and one film, width 4-6m, weight 200-1500g/m2, physical and mechanical properties such as tensile, tear resistance and ...

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Fish pond anti-seepage geomembrane introduction

2019-08-08 Source: Dezhou Wings Writer: Dezhou Wings

Excavation of the new fish pond or renovation of the old pond, to ensure that the fish pond area is more than 2 acres, the water depth is more than 2 meters, the bottom of the pool requires good water retention performanc...

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HDPE geomembrane applied to fisheries

2019-08-06 Source: Dezhou Wings Writer: Dezhou Wings

When HDPE geomembrane is used for ornamental fish ponds and fisheries, the main function is to avoid contact between fish and soil and avoid water pollution. Geomembranes prevent the accumulation of waste in the soil and ...

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