Plastic woven geotextile features

2019-10-09 11:35 Source:未知 Writer: Steven
Plastic woven geotextile is a geosynthetic material made of polypropylene flat wire as raw material. It is widely used in geotechnical engineering such as water conservancy, electric power, harbor, highway, railway and building.

1; strong and high, due to the use of plastic flat wire, in the dry and wet state can maintain sufficient strength and elongation.
2; Corrosion-resistant, long-lasting corrosion resistance in soil and water of different pH.
3; good water permeability, there is a gap between the braided yarn, inherently good water permeability.
4; good anti-microbial performance, microbes, worms, strong resistance to damage.
5; Convenient construction, due to the soft material, it is convenient for transportation and construction.

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