Characteristics and application of filament woven geotextile

2019-06-04 11:54 Source:原创 Writer: Steven
    The characteristics of filament woven geotextile: tensile, tear-resistant, anti-breaking, anti-piercing and other mechanical strength, more than double the average weight of short-fiber geotextile, especially anti-breaking, puncture resistance Up to 2200 Newtons or more, in the stone slope protection, it can be used to avoid the impact of irregular stones on the cloth surface; the extension performance is good, the stress is dispersed and the transmission is fast, the load is evenly distributed; the friction coefficient is large, and it is not easy to slip during construction; Excellent chemical resistance; corrosion resistance; reinforcement for retaining wall retaining, or panel for anchoring retaining wall, constructing wrapped retaining wall or abutment.
    It can reinforce flexible pavements, repair cracks on roads, and avoid reflection cracks on pavements. Add the stability of gravel slope and reinforced soil to avoid soil erosion and freezing damage of soil during low temperature. The isolation layer between the roadway and the roadbed, or the isolation layer between the roadbed and the soft foundation. Separation, filtration and reinforcement between artificial fill, rockfill or material field and foundation, and different frozen soil layers.
    The filter layer of the initial upstream dam surface of the ash dam or tailings dam, and the filter layer of the drainage system in the backfill of the retaining wall. Drain the perimeter of the dark pipe or the gravel drains the filter around the dark ditch. The filter layer of a water well, a relief well or a diagonal pressure pipe in a water conservancy project. A layer of geotextile between the road, airport, railroad slag, and artificial rockfill and foundation. The interior of the earth dam is drained straight or horizontally, and is buried in the soil to dissipate the water pressure in the open space.
    Drainage behind the anti-seepage geomembrane or under the concrete facing in the earth dam or earth embankment. The water seepage around the tunnel is removed, and the external water pressure received by the lining and the water seepage around the buildings are alleviated. Manually fill the ground-based drainage of the sports ground. Roads (including temporary roads) are used to strengthen fragile foundations in railways, embankments, earth-rock dams, airports, sports fields, etc. Used as a reinforcement in the backfill of the retaining wall or as a panel for anchoring the retaining wall. Construct a wrapped retaining wall or abutment.

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