Brief introduction of polyester filament geotextile

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 Polyester filament geotextile, also known as polyester filament needle-punched non-woven geotextile, contains no chemical additives and is not heat treated. It is an environmentally friendly building material and is widely used in water conservancy, airport and electrical engineering. The polyester filament geotextile is thicker, which can ensure the three-dimensional air-ground rate of the geotextile, which is conducive to the completion of excellent hydraulic function.

Polyester filament geotextile has outstanding mechanical function, good water permeability, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, barrier, filtration, drainage, maintenance, stability, reinforcement, etc., can be used to the uneven bottom layer, can resist The external force of the construction is damaged, the creep is small, and the original function can still be maintained under the long-term load.

Polyester filament geotextile characteristics: under the equal weight standard, the tensile strength is higher than other needle-punched nonwoven fabrics; it has extremely high UV resistance; the high temperature resistance reaches 230 °C, and the structure remains intact at high temperatures. The original physical function; the geotextile is thick and acupuncture-formed, with excellent flat drainage and straight water permeability, and can still adhere to this function after many years.

Geotextile creep resistance is superior to other geotextiles, so it has long-lasting effect. It is the corrosion of common chemical substances in the territory and the corrosion resistance of gasoline and diesel. The geotextile has a good elongation under certain stress, so that it can get used to the uneven surface of the uneven.

Features of filament geotextile: Polyester long-fiber non-woven geotextile has excellent heat resistance and light resistance. Even in the short-term exposure of the environment of nearly 20 ° C, its function has hardly changed. Through many experiments and practices, polyester long-fiber non-woven geotextiles have long-term corrosion resistance to various natural soils, moisture and microorganisms.

It can block the soil layer composed of different components and functions for a long time and avoid mixing; it has frost resistance and load bearing requirements for construction. Moisture can soak in all directions without accumulating pressure. Together, it avoids soil loss and is beneficial for stability and anti-corrosion. Because of its loose structure, it can effectively control the drainage of the exterior of geotechnical engineering.

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