How To Install Event Carpet/Exhibition carpet

2019-07-31 15:55 Source:原创 Writer: Steven,kathy
Step 1) Remove shipping plastic and unroll your carpet.
Step 2) Slide carpet into desired position.
Step 3) Stand or kneel on carpet and peel back one end of the carpet to reveal 18in - 36in of the nylon reinforced bottom.
Step 4) Tape recommended area, creating a "U" shape around the perimeter.
Step 5) Tape additional areas if desired or required based on expected foot traffic.
Step 6) Peel off the blue liner. You may need a razor blade or a car key to help get it started. Scratch the surface of the blue liner to fray a piece to hold onto.
Step 7) Apply the carpet to the ground once all tape liners are removed. Start by sticking down one corner of the carpet and then slowly move to the opposite side, keeping tension.
Step 8) Stand, walk, or stomp over the taped end several times. Your body weight will help the tape bond to the ground.
Step 9) Walk the length of the carpet, scuffing your feet toward the opposite side. This will help stretch the carpet and eliminate bubbles from slack in the material. 
Step 10) Tape the opposite end of the carpet. Follow steps 3-8 again.

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