Precautions for geomembrane during seaming

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Before the laying of the geomembrane, the corresponding certificate of acceptance of the civil engineering project shall be issued. Before the film is cut, the relevant size should be accurately measured, and then cut according to the actual size. Generally, it should not be cut according to the size of the figure. It should be numbered one by one and recorded in a special form. When laying the geomembrane, the weld seam should be minimized, and the raw materials should be saved as much as possible under the premise of ensuring the quality. It is also easy to guarantee quality. So how much do you know about the geomembrane's precautions when seaming?
The overlap width of the joint between the film and the film is generally not less than 10 cm, and the weld alignment direction is usually parallel to the maximum slope, that is, arranged along the slope direction. Usually in corners and deformed areas, the length of the seam should be as short as possible. Except for special requirements, in the range of 1.5 m from the slope or stress concentration area on the slope with slope greater than 1:6, no weld seam is allowed.
When the geomembrane is laid, artificial folds should be avoided. When the temperature is low, it should be tightened and leveled as much as possible. After the geomembrane is laid, the walking on the membrane surface, moving tools, etc. should be minimized. Any objects that can cause damage to the membrane should not be placed on the membrane or carried on the membrane to avoid accidental damage to the membrane.
Geomembrane lap joint: lap width should be greater than 15cm; geothermal film welding: suitable for slightly thicker geomembrane substrate, weld lap width is not less than 5CM. (Not recommended for bonding, long time water soaking easy to open glue The anti-seepage effect is poor.) Precautions for geomembrane joints: The joint treatment of geomembrane is the key procedure of construction, which directly affects the operational life of the project. According to the quality inspection, the hot welding method is ideal.
The geomembrane is preferably laid in a certain direction. The PE film and PET non-adhesive layer are reserved on both sides of the geomembrane. When laying, the geomembrane orientation of each unit should be adjusted to facilitate the welding of the two geomembranes. After the geomembrane is laid, it should be pressed with a sand bag to prevent the wind from moving. The edge joints are required to have no dirt, moisture or dust.
Before welding, adjust the PE film on both sides of the joint to make a certain broadband, and it is flat and wrinkle-free. When welding, it is best to weld with a technician with certain experience, and the welding uses a special welding machine for welding. To adjust the temperature and speed, (also glue bonding).

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