How to extend the life of geotextiles

2019-08-01 14:26 Source:未知 Writer: Steven
The use of geotextiles has become very popular, but the products have a certain lifespan, so we need to use some methods to extend its service life, so that the use of geotextiles is more in line with our application needs.

In fact, when we use geotextiles, we need to pay attention to the existence of damage on the surface of the product, to ensure that the products used meet the quality, and secondly, its aging speed is relatively low, and the normal service life of the products is generally irradiated in the daylight for 2 to 3 months. The intensity is lost. However, if an anti-aging agent is added, after 4 years of direct sunlight exposure, the strength is only lost by 25%, and the geotextile is made of plastic fiber, which has great advantages in this aspect, whether in a dry or humid environment. It will be able to maintain a strong pull.

Geotextiles can only be cut with geotextiles when cutting. If cutting in the field, special protection measures should be taken for other materials to avoid unnecessary damage.

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