HDPE geomembrane applied to fisheries

2019-08-06 14:22 Source:原创 Writer: Steven,kathy
When HDPE geomembrane is used for ornamental fish ponds and fisheries, the main function is to avoid contact between fish and soil and avoid water pollution. Geomembranes prevent the accumulation of waste in the soil and prevent harmful chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, acids, iron and other potentially harmful compounds from entering the pond. This will effectively protect and promote the growth of fish and reduce the risk of disease.
HDPE geomembranes protect pond slopes from erosion and provide a smooth surface for ponds to easily remove waste from ponds for easy fishing. Disinfection in ponds and convenient dredging can greatly shorten the time of rest in the ponds and clear ponds, and help control the onset and prevalence of fish and shrimp diseases. Because Hongxiang geomembrane is widely used in the field of fishponds, it has improved the quality of the aquaculture industry and improved the landscape.
There are several considerations when choosing a geomembrane in aquaculture projects:
1. Environmental stress crack resistance
2. Tensile properties
3. Tear resistance and puncture resistance
4. Persistence of the project
5. UV resistance

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