Fish pond anti-seepage geomembrane introduction

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Excavation of the new fish pond or renovation of the old pond, to ensure that the fish pond area is more than 2 acres, the water depth is more than 2 meters, the bottom of the pool requires good water retention performance, no leakage, sufficient water source and no pollution, good water quality, and The leeward sun. The fish pond anti-seepage material selects HDPE anti-seepage film for waterproof treatment.
Let's talk about the contribution of impermeable membranes to the culture environment. We all know that the impermeable membranes have a service life of more than 10 years. But in fact, but how many of our farmers use impermeable membranes. Now that the air pollution is very serious, this is something that may be closely related to everyone. It is also heaven. The ordinary people in the water usually pay less attention to it. I believe that after a few years, such problems will bring us the most serious consequences soon. So we are starting from me and from the individual. Then our fish pond farmers have to think about their own interests and long-term breeding.
The use of impermeable membranes solves this major problem in the farming environment. In the freshwater aquaculture pond, due to the high density of the culture, the amount of feed is large, and the metabolism of shrimp, fish and other substances is also increased, especially in the middle and late breeding season, various metabolites at the bottom of the pool, animal and plant corpses, residual baits, etc. The retention and accumulation of the plant brings great pressure to the stability of the water quality of the culture pond.
How to make these residual harmful substances in the bottom of the pool be converted or discharged outside the pool in time is the most important part of the high-level pond culture technology. The application of the anti-seepage film covering the breeding system brings about a turning point for the solution of this problem.
The anti-seepage membrane system at the bottom of the pool is mainly used for the construction of high-level breeding ponds and the reconstruction of earthen ponds. The HDPE anti-seepage geomembrane has the characteristics of anti-stretching, impact resistance, high tear strength and high hydrostatic pressure resistance. It has good performance in acid-base corrosion, anti-microbial erosion and anti-seepage. The special anti-seepage membrane for breeding can completely separate the bottom of the pool from the pool water. Because the surface of HDPE anti-seepage geomembrane is smooth, it is not only convenient for disinfection and dredging, but also Helps prevent the spread of bottom pathogens.
Anti-seepage film features:
1. High anti-seepage coefficient—The anti-seepage film has anti-seepage effect unmatched by ordinary waterproof materials. HDPE anti-seepage film has high tensile and mechanical resistance, and its excellent elasticity and deformability make it suitable for expansion or contraction. , can effectively overcome the uneven settlement of the base surface, high water vapor permeability coefficient
2, chemical stability - anti-seepage membrane has excellent chemical stability, is widely used in sewage treatment, chemical reaction tanks, landfills. High temperature resistance, asphalt resistance, oil and tar resistance, acid, alkali, salt and other strong acid and alkali chemical media corrosion
3, anti-aging performance - anti-seepage film has excellent anti-aging, anti-UV, anti-decomposition ability, can be used barely, material service life of 50-70 years, providing a good material guarantee for environmental anti-seepage
4, anti-plant root system - HDPE anti-seepage membrane has excellent puncture resistance, can resist most plant roots.
5. High mechanical strength—The anti-seepage film has good mechanical strength, tensile strength at break of 28 MPa, and elongation at break of 700%.
6, low cost and high efficiency - HDPE anti-seepage film uses a new technology to improve the anti-seepage effect, but the production process is more scientific, quick, so the product cost is lower than the traditional waterproof material, the actual measurement using HDPE anti-seepage film general engineering To save about 50% of the cost.
7. Construction speed is fast—The anti-seepage film has high flexibility. There are various specifications and various laying forms to meet different engineering anti-seepage requirements. Hot-melt welding is adopted, the weld strength is high, and the construction is convenient, fast and healthy.
8, environmental protection non-toxic - anti-seepage membrane materials are non-toxic environmentally friendly materials, anti-seepage principle is ordinary physical changes, does not produce any harmful substances, is the best choice for environmental protection, breeding, drinking water pool.

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