The history of the development of geotextiles

2019-09-25 15:46 Source:未知 Writer: Steven
The materials widely used by people have been mainly natural materials such as wood, bamboo, earth and stone, as well as some metal materials, but they all have defects in performance, quality, long life and high price, which cannot fully meet the engineering requirements. Specific needs. At the same time, natural materials are limited in quantity. Many natural plant materials, such as over-utilization, will affect the ecological balance of nature and destroy the environmental space on which people depend. Some metal materials have good performance but are prone to rust, short life and high cost. , thus limiting its scope of application. With the rapid development of the modern chemical industry, a wide variety of geosynthetic materials have come out. Geotextile composite materials have a variety of properties that can meet the needs of engineering, can be made into a variety of products for practical purposes, and because of its light weight, simple construction, convenient transportation, low price, rich material source, etc., geotechnical engineering A new material is provided, which leads to a technical approach that is simple and cost-effective to implement. According to incomplete statistics, they have been successfully applied in hundreds of thousands of projects, and have achieved good economic, social and environmental benefits. In some struggles against natural disasters, they have become more rapid, effective and simple. It is no wonder that this new material and new technology has been hailed as a technological revolution in geotechnical engineering in the 20th century.
Geotextiles have a certain degree of corrosion resistance, so they can be used safely in a corrosive environment. In addition, because there are pores between the fibers, it can have good water permeability, and the anti-microbial performance is better, naturally it does not cause any damage to the current microorganisms. It is precisely because of this feature that such geotextiles can be used in many places. And the most important thing is that when people use this material, they will find that this material is still very simple in construction, and because the material is lighter, it is more convenient in transportation and construction. Therefore, with such a new type of material, people no longer have to worry about the use of the problem, and do not have to worry about the problem of permeability, and thus through such materials, to complete a certain work needs.
Geotextiles are now the most widely used, because geotextiles have a strong strength and stretch, so they can meet the strength requirements of today's people. Geotextiles are now widely used. It can replace the engineering materials used in traditional buildings, and the construction method is safe and convenient. It is a new building material that is very helpful for environmental protection.

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