Advantages of composite geomembrane

2019-10-29 11:56 Source:未知 Writer: Steven
There are many types and standards for the two fabrics to suit different hydraulic engineering constructions. Therefore, in the process of engineering construction, the composite geomembrane should be selected according to the environment and specific conditions of the construction site to ensure that the composite geomembrane can perform its proper function.
Different types and different specifications of composite geomembranes have different thicknesses and weights.
Generally, the following types of composite geomembrane are often used in the construction of hydraulic engineering: one cloth and two film base fabrics 100*1000g/m, the film thickness is 0.1*0.8mm; two cloths and one film base fabric 80*600g/m, film The thickness is 0.2*1.5 mm; the cloth-film base cloth is 100*1 000 g/m, and the film thickness is 0.1*1.5 mm. The thickness of the composite geomembrane is usually determined according to the design requirements of the construction and the actual construction environment, and the length of the two fabrics is determined according to the construction conditions of the project.
The two cloths are a kind of polymer material made of geotextile and geomembrane. Therefore, the composite geomembrane not only retains the geotextile wear resistance, but also has the advantages of anti-puncture, geomembrane anti-seepage, strong ductility, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it has wide application value in hydraulic engineering. The anti-seepage mechanism of composite geomembrane in Jingdian Engineering mainly utilizes the impermeability of composite geomembrane to block the contact between water and channel. The composite geomembrane has greater water repellency than conventional waterproof materials. In addition, the composite geomembrane has anti-aging properties, which can prolong the anti-seepage performance of hydraulic engineering, and the ductility can be adapted to the problems of uneven settlement in hydraulic engineering. The use of composite geomembrane can significantly shorten the construction period of water conservancy projects, reduce the cost of construction projects, and significantly improve the comprehensive benefits of water conservancy projects.

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