Exhibition carpet performance

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  1. Peel strength
Peel strength is a performance index to measure the composite strength of the carpet surface layer and the backing, and is also a measure of the water resistance of the carpet composite.
  2. Adhesion
Adhesion is a measure of the fastness of the carpet fluff to the backing.
  3. Wear resistance

Data on carpet wear resistance provides a basis for carpet durability
  4. Resilience
Measure the elasticity of the carpet suede layer, that is, the percentage of the thickness loss of the carpet under dynamic load.
  5. Static electricity
Static electricity is a measure of the charging and discharging of a carpet. The size of the static electricity is related to the conductivity of the fiber itself. Generally, the chemical fiber carpet is not treated or the fiber is poorly conductive, and it has more static electricity than the wool carpet. However, the antistatic ability of the nylon carpet in the chemical fiber carpet is comparable to that of the wool carpet.
  6. Aging
 Aging is a measure of the degree of degradation of chemical fibers after the carpet has been exposed to light for a period of time and exposed to oxygen in the air.
  7. Flame resistance

Where the burning time is within 12 minutes, the burning diameter is within 179.6 mm.
  8. Bactericidal
Carpets are used as floor coverings, which are easily eroded by insects and bacteria during use and cause mildew and deterioration. Anyone who can withstand the erosion of 8 common molds and 5 common bacteria, but not bacteria and mildew, is considered qualified. However, from the world's carpet industry, the US C&A commercial carpet (Square carpet) has the best antibacterial ability, and almost no bacteria are detected from the carpet.

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