The role of geomembrane in aquaculture

2019-08-10 20:44 Source:原创 Writer: Steven,kathy
In the modern aquaculture industry, whether it is fish pond, scutellaria, loach breeding, shrimp culture, etc., in the construction period of the site, the new geotechnical anti-seepage material--a geomembrane is widely used. The main function of cultured geomembrane is to avoid contact between cultured products and soil, avoid water pollution, prevent accumulation of waste in the soil, and prevent harmful chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, acid, iron and other potentially harmful. Compounds enter the pond, which effectively protects and promotes the growth of cultured products and reduces the risk of disease.
The geomembrane can also protect the pond slope from erosion, providing a smooth surface for the pond to easily remove waste from the pond and facilitate fishing; effectively preventing obstructive contaminants such as weeds and sludge from entering the aquaculture pond. Ponds reduce bacteria in the pond environment, thereby reducing the amount of antibiotics used. The advantage of geomembrane is that it has good tensile strength, impact resistance, tear resistance and high hydrostatic pressure resistance, and has outstanding effects in acid and alkali corrosion resistance, anti-microbial corrosion and anti-seepage; If the geomembrane is used to cover the entire pond or the bottom of the pool, the bottom of the pool can be completely separated from the pool water. Because the surface of the material is very lubricated, it is not only limited to disinfection and cleaning, but also has the effect of avoiding the transmission of the bottom pathogen.

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