How to weld composite geomembrane

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1. The welding process of the hot wedge welding machine is divided into: adjustment pressure → → set temperature → → set speed → → weld lap joint inspection → → film loading machine → → start motor → → pressure welding.
2. There shall be no oil or dust at the joints. The joint surface of the composite geomembrane shall not be covered with debris and other debris. When there is dirt, it should be cleaned before welding.
3. At the beginning of welding every day (early morning and afternoon), first test a 0.9m×0.3m sample on the site, the overlap width is not less than 10cm. After the sample is qualified, the adjusted speed, pressure and temperature can be used. Perform formal welding. The date, time and ambient temperature should be indicated on the sample. In the welding process of the hot wedge welding machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation of the welding machine at all times, and the speed and temperature should be finely adjusted according to the actual situation on site.
4. The weld bead is neat and beautiful, and there must be no slip welding or jump welding.
5. When the length of the composite geomembrane is insufficient, long-distance splicing is required. The transverse weld GNGN+X should be welded first, then the longitudinal joint should be welded. The transverse weld GNGN+X and GNGN+X+1 should be greater than or equal to 50cm. It should be in a T shape and must not be crossed.
6. Adjacent geomembrane welds should be overlapped as much as possible. The joints formed between the membranes should be T-shaped and should not be cross-shaped. The extrusion welder should be used at the intersection of longitudinal and transverse welds.
7. When the welding film is not allowed to die, when laying the composite geomembrane, according to the local temperature variation range and the performance of the composite geomembrane performance, the amount of expansion and deformation caused by the temperature change is reserved.
8. The welding process of the extrusion welding machine is divided into: setting temperature→→lap joint inspection→→hot air bonding→→hairing→→starting motor→→pressure welding.
9. When the joint needs to be roughed, the width should be the same as the width of the weld, generally about 3cm.
10. When using a grinder to make hair, the force should be light, so that the surface of the film is not rough, and it is close to the joint of the two layers of film, so as not to affect the welding quality.
11. The surface after brushing should be kept clean. When there is pollution or sediment, use a clean cloth or cotton yarn to remove it and re-weld it. If necessary, re-grind it.
12. When the thickness of the single-piece composite geomembrane is greater than or equal to 1.5 mm, the edge of the composite geomembrane at the joint shall be chamfered by 45°.
13. When the temperature of the welder indicated by the temperature control of the portable welding torch is lower than 200 °C, the welder shall not be started under any circumstances.
14. The welding wedge of the extrusion welding machine shall be aligned with the joint during welding to avoid affecting the quality of the welding.
15. When welding, the welding rod shall not touch the ground at random. Do not wipe the welding rod with oily gloves, cotton yarn or cloth, and keep it clean and not contaminated by any substance.
16. When the seam of a film welded by an extrusion welding machine cannot be welded at one time, before the start of the second welding, the welding lap joint should be ground and the length of the lap joint is not less than 5 cm.
17. The thickness of the welded joint shall not be less than 1.5 times the thickness of the monolithic composite geomembrane.
18. When there is condensation, moisture, sediment, etc. at the joint, weld it after treatment.
19. Welding may not be carried out during rain or when there are moisture, dew, or heavy sand in the joints, except when protective measures are taken.
20. When the temperature is lower than 5 °C, it should not be constructed according to the specifications. The outdoor temperature is lower than 5 °C, and both parties can negotiate construction.
21. If the weld is not hot-bonded, the weld should be lightly wiped with a damp cloth and the cooling speed should be reduced to avoid the quality of the weld due to the elasticity of the film.
22. At the beginning of each welding of the extrusion welding machine, the welding machine should be started first, and the remaining electrode extrusions in the gun head should be removed, and welded immediately after completion.
23. In the welding process, the slider of the gun head should be checked frequently during the welding process. When the wear is serious, the slider should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the membrane surface.
24. Geomembrane should be powered by a generator with good voltage regulation when welding. When using local electricity under special circumstances, use a voltage regulator.
25. Before turning on the power of the welding machine, it is necessary to confirm whether the starting button of the welding machine is in the closed state.

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