Price change notice

2019-09-17 Source: Dezhou Wings Writer: Dezhou Wings

Affected by the price of crude oil, raw material prices have started to increase sharply, and the rising trend is intensifying. Customers with material needs should arrange purchases in advance to reduce engineering costs...

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EAGS•2019 will start in November

2019-09-14 Source: Dezhou Wings Writer: Dezhou Wings

Geosynthetics are an important category of industrial textiles. They are widely used in water conservancy, highways, railways, ports, construction, etc., and play an important role in national infrastructure construction ...

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Geotextile products

2019-09-06 Source: Dezhou Wings Writer: Dezhou Wings

In China, the market is too transparent now. The cheaper things are nothing more than reducing costs. The materials are thinner, the process is a little bit worse, the quality is shorter, and the fake materials are a litt...

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Specifications for plastic woven geotextiles

2019-08-27 Source: Dezhou Wings Writer: Dezhou Wings

The most commonly used specifications are: 20kn woven geotextile, 30kn woven geotextile, 40kn woven geotextile, 50kn woven geotextile, 60kn woven geotextile, 80kn woven geotextile, 100kn woven geotextile, 120kn woven geot...

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Otification of new equipment added by the company

2019-07-31 Source: Dezhou Wings Writer: Dezhou Wings

The companys cooperative production company recently added the printing equipment for the exhibition carpets at the request of the company. This equipment solves the problem of looking for secondary suppliers again in the...

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