Detailed introduction to non-woven carpets

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Production process: Non-woven carpets, also known as exhibition carpets, are made of synthetic fibers by needle punching or weaving. The finished product is cloth-like, with a width of 1-4 meters and a length of 10-60 meters (customized according to different needs).

Production materials: Non-woven carpet materials: polyester staple fiber and polypropylene staple fiber.

Product color: Non-woven carpet color: white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, brown and various mixed colors, but the finished color may have a slight color difference.

Types of carpets: Non-woven carpets are basically divided into ordinary blankets, coated blankets, double-sided adhesive blankets, and fireproof blankets. Non-woven carpets have high requirements in terms of needle density, flatness and weight. They have been approved by most customers, which can make the carpets clean and new after special or full. The adhesive product is stiff and durable.

Variety of non-woven carpets: flat, striped, coated, brushed, flame retardant, etc.

Uses of non-woven carpets: exhibitions, exhibition halls, celebrations, opening ceremony, weddings, etc.

The quality of non-woven carpet: no ball, no lint, good flatness, good hardness. The exhibition blankets are short fibers that are laid into a network through different equipment and processes. After the needle punching and other processes, the different fibers are intertwined with each other, and the fibers are entangled and fixed to make the fabrics normal, so that the fabric is soft, full, thick and stiff. To meet different thicknesses to meet the requirements of use. The needle-punched fabric is then glued on the back side, dried and shaped, trimmed and packaged in rolls.

Non-woven carpet function: beautification, decorative environment: Because the color of the carpet is different indoors, it can give people a good mood. People are comfortable and relaxed in the living room; suitable for matching with home and other products. It is not monotonous, can often update the style of the indoor environment, and is easy to replace; the carpet has better sound and sound insulation than other flooring materials; keep warm: people have a cold feeling on the hard ground. It is more obvious in winter; it is not easy to slip and fall on the carpet, even if it falls, it is not easy to be injured; the dust and bacteria in the air will be adsorbed by the carpet, thus reducing the flow of dusty bacteria, purifying indoor air and improving indoor air. The effect of quality.

Ordinary non-woven carpets are disposable carpets with average quality and low price. It is not recommended for long-term use. The weight is generally 100g/m2-150g/m2. It can be cured by filming, printing, spraying and spraying.

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