Maintenance and storage of non-woven carpets

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 Non-woven carpets are often used as consumables, but if properly preserved and timely maintained, they can increase the life and frequency of their use, thereby reducing their procurement costs. Based on our own experience, the company has organized the following maintenance methods for non-woven carpets.

Maintenance of non-woven carpet / exhibition carpet:

During the life of the design, maintenance of the nonwoven carpet requires four related procedures. The most frequent job of inspection and prevention is to inspect non-woven carpets and keep checking them. Check the non-woven carpet for water stains and stains. If it is handled early, it will be easy to remove. Choose high-quality non-woven rugs, because high-quality non-woven rugs are generally processed in the production process to provide anti-fouling, dust-proof and wear-resistant.

Frequent access areas are most susceptible to pollution, and smudges will spread to other places in the room. Therefore, a small non-woven rug should be placed at the porch entrance to remove dust from the shoes, which can reduce dust accumulation and spread. Non-woven carpets may cause chemical stains or fading after contact with chemicals. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent non-woven carpets from contaminating common household chemicals such as bleach, insecticide water, strong detergents and skin care products. Non-woven carpets cannot be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, otherwise fading may occur.

Non-woven carpets need to be vacuumed frequently, because dust is accumulated in the non-woven carpet, which will cause abrasion of the fibers and make the color of the non-woven carpet dark. In the halls, corridors and places where frequent movements should be vacuumed every week. Two or three times, the bedroom should also be vacuumed at least once a week. The choice of vacuum cleaner and the method of vacuuming also affect the cleaning effect. The vacuum cleaner equipped with a rotating dusting brush can effectively absorb the dust in the non-woven carpet.

Storage of non-woven carpet/exhibition carpet:

After one use, firstly carry out regular maintenance and cleaning according to the requirements. After completing the above steps, wrap the package with the package to avoid placing it in a warehouse with high humidity or direct sunlight, and number it for convenience. Use it next time.

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