Non-woven carpet cleaning

2019-09-24 14:00 Source:未知 Writer: Steven
 Non-woven carpets/exhibition carpets, as places we often trample in at home and at the show, make it easy to accumulate dust and dirt, which brings us a lot of trouble in daily cleaning and maintenance. In addition, many people have adopted the wrong way of cleaning, which leads to the accumulation of stolen goods.

In view of this, the author carefully selected several cleaning tips, hoping to help everyone get rid of the bitter sea as soon as possible.

One: the cleaning ingredients are appropriate

Some friends cleaned, because they did not choose a targeted cleaner, but only used a general cleaner to clean, which led to the inability to completely remove the stains in the carpet. After a long time, the dust in the exhibition carpet will only get thicker and thicker.

Therefore, the author recommends that you use a professional diluted high foam cleaner when cleaning, and use a special comb to clean. After the carpet is cleaned, let it stand until it is completely dry, and finally find a clean broom and clean it again. If you do this, it will completely remove the residual dust on the carpet.

Two: For different kinds of stolen goods, use different means when cleaning

For different booties on the carpet, different approaches are required to clean. For the oil stains of the food, it is recommended to wet the carpet with water, then pour the higher concentration of gasoline and water into the bowl. After completely mixing and dissolving, pour the ingredients in the bowl into the key grease position and wipe with the brush. 

For residual stains like fruit juice, you can use white vinegar to match water. Specific method: first prepare a plate-sized iron basin, then pour the white vinegar and water into a bowl at a ratio of roughly 1:1, then start stirring and place it to fully fuse (about 15 minutes). Finally, it is enough to wipe into the key areas on the carpet.

Three: attention to cleaning tools

Many people usually use water washing, brush washing, etc. when cleaning carpets. In doing so, it is impossible to achieve a thorough cleaning effect by deepening the gap between the carpets. Over time, it will lead to more and more stolen goods, which will cause serious difficulties in the daily cleaning and maintenance of the carpet.

Therefore, the author feels that a professional hand-held vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning. In this way, the vacuum cleaner will save a lot of time for cleaning in a large area and multi-layer adsorption capacity, and save some troubles in daily cleaning. Moreover, through the huge suction of the vacuum cleaner, the dust and stains of the carpet can be cleaned more thoroughly and efficiently.

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