Plastic woven geotextile

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The woven geotextile is made of polypropylene and polypropylene-polypropylene flat yarn, and is composed of at least two sets of parallel yarns (or flat yarns). One set is called warp yarn along the longitudinal direction of the loom (the direction in which the fabric travels), and the other group The lateral arrangement is called a weft yarn. The warp and weft yarns are interwoven into a cloth shape by different braiding equipment and processes, and can be woven into different thicknesses and compactness according to different use ranges. Generally, the woven geotextile has a relatively strong tensile strength in both thin and vertical directions. Strength (longitude is greater than latitude), with good stability.


Product performance:
1. Reinforcement: It is used for rock projects such as roads, railways, airports, stone dams, anti-slopes, retaining wall backfills, side sills, etc. Dispersing soil stress increases the modulus of the soil and limits the slippage of the soil. stability.
2. Protection: Prevent the embankment from being washed away by wind, waves, tides and rain, and use it to protect the bank, protect the slope, protect the bottom and prevent soil erosion.
3. Anti-filtration: It is used for the filter layer of dyke, dam, river and coastal rock fast, soil slope and retaining wall to prevent the passage of sand particles and allow water or air to pass freely.


Note on the installation and construction of woven geotextile:
1 Geotextiles can only be cut with geotextile knives (hook knives). If cutting in the site, special protection measures must be taken for other materials to prevent unnecessary damage due to cutting geotextiles;
2 While laying geotextiles, all necessary measures must be taken to prevent damage to the underlying materials;
3 When laying geotextiles, care must be taken not to allow stones, large amounts of dust or moisture, etc., to damage geotextiles, to block drains or filters, or to cause difficult materials for subsequent connections to enter geotextiles or Underneath the geotextile;
4 After the installation, visually inspect all the geotextile surfaces to identify all damaged landlords, mark them and repair them, and make sure that there are no foreign substances on the paving surface that can cause damage, such as broken needles and other foreign objects;
5 Geotextile connections must comply with the following regulations: Under normal circumstances, there should be no horizontal connection on the slope surface (the connection must not intersect the contour of the slope), except for the repaired area.
6 If suturing is used, the suture should be made of the same or exceeding material as the geotextile. The suture must be chemically resistant to ultraviolet light. Sutures and geotextiles should have significant color differences for easy inspection.
7 Special attention should be paid to the sewing during installation to ensure that no gravel in the earth or gravel cover enters the middle of the geotextile.

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