Woven geotextile

2019-06-04 11:52 Source:未知 Writer: Steven
    It is produced by high-strength industrial synthetic fiber and processed by weaving process.
    Specifications are 35--250kn/m

    Product characteristics of filament woven geotextile
    High strength: It uses high-strength industrial polypropylene, polyester, nylon and other synthetic fibers as raw materials, with high original strength. After being woven into a regular interwoven structure, the comprehensive carrying capacity is further improved.
    Durability: Synthetic chemical fiber is characterized by its inability to be denatured, decomposed, and weathered. It can maintain its original characteristics for a long time.
    Corrosion resistance: Synthetic chemical fiber generally has acid resistance, alkali resistance, insect resistance and mold resistance.
    Water permeability: The woven fabric can effectively control the structural pores to achieve a certain water permeability.
    Convenient storage and transportation: due to its light weight and packaging according to certain requirements, transportation, storage and construction are very convenient.
    The temperature difference changes ~ 30 °C and the quality is not affected;

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